Why Use A9A?

Our dedicated team of professionals has been in the legal services industry for a long tenure allowing A9A to assemble best practices that allow for superior client services

  • We understand the corporate culture of the major law firms and appreciate the time sensitivity of your work
  • Your A9A Representative manages your order from beginning to end and provides a final quality control check before the evidence gets back to you
  • We invested in a state-of-the-art document tracking system that allows A9A to diligently monitor your projects and avoid errors
  • We build relationships with individuals that allow A9A to customize the way you prefer to interact with the service provider
  • We immediately respond to inquiries or requests; our turnaround times are significantly faster than the industry average
  • All evidence is stored perpetually on our secure servers
  • We are flexible and will assist with filings that are out of the typical scope
  • A9A’s competitive pricing will save you money
  • Our reporting and billing format is flexible to accommodate your needs; e.g. we can do XML format billing to make case accounting easier for you
  • Every A9A Service Representative has a blackberry and can be reached directly at any time of day
  • Test us—we work with you to anticipate your needs before they become problems!

Whether it’s UCC Searches and Filings, Corporate Transactions, Business Licenses, or Registered Agent Services, we deliver quickly and reliably on your requests. Call or email us anytime.

  • Speed.