Client Portal

Our secure client portal allows A9A clients to track all current and past orders, uploaded evidence, and invoices.

Order Summary Demo Screenshot

  • When A9A clients log in to our customer portal, they first visit the Orders Summary page. Each order placed with A9A is indexed by the Entity/Subject name and contains information such as the Matter Number, Services Performed, and the Order Status. Under the Order # Status column clients can click through to the Order Details page.

  • The Order Details page provides our clients with an overview of each order including information pertaining to the types of searches requested and the jurisdictions in which we will perform those searches. This page contains a tab for A9A clients to review Evidence we have uploaded for you and also a tab of any Invoices and Payments that we have created.

  • Clicking on the Evidence tab allows A9A clients to see all documents we have uploaded pertaining to your search. We also include a link to an archived PDF version of your evidence.

  • The Invoices and Payments page includes your Invoice number, Amount, and Status with a link to an archived PDF version of your invoice.
  • Speed.